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Digital accountancy that works.

The services we offer:

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Set up your own limited company and earn more

We will either assist you in setting up a Ltd Company or review the existing Ltd Company to ensure it complies with the strategic direction of your journey. 

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Do you want to save tax and keep more of what you earn?

We constantly review your situation in line with your business plan to ensure you're saving tax where possible.

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Do you want to go digital?

We assist you with set up and relevant training to maximise operational efficiency and streamline regulatory compliance.

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Do you want to improve your cashflow and have real time information?

We provide you with regular management reports to make sure you're keeping top of your business's finances.

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Do you need help with your digital accounting, VAT, sales invoicing and payroll?

We provide ongoing support with digital accounting, bookkeeping, VAT & payroll. 

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Do you want to grow your business and improve your profits?

Using our one-page plan, we help you improve profits and build the value of your business.

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Do you want to be HMRC compliant?

Each year we review your situation to ensure you're compliant and potential tax efficiencies that can be made.

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Do you want to achieve financial security?

We would use our financial toolkit to help prepare a personalised plan to achieve financial security and freedom. 

Case studies:

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Deep in a 'Going Digital' Dilemma

Frances, our client & shipping agent left her job after many years to set up her own company. Her goal was for it to be fully digital and previous experience made her unsure of what systems would be most suitable and had so many questions!

Frances got in touch with FB and spoke with one of our Portfolio Managers, who helped her to choose the right cloud accounting software, and also help with getting set up.

Frances now has:


  • Sales Invoice Templates & Bank Feeds

  • Full free training on the software from her fully accredited FB team

  • Fully compliant VAT returns & management reports

  • Customer statements to keep cashflow on track

  • Digital supplier invoices & the ability to capture them digitally

FB Case Study Example (Ltd Company)[54].jpg


Caught in a Ltd Company Conundrum

Tom, our client & roofing consultant was excited by the opportunity to set up his own company but had so many questions!

After speaking to his friend Gavin, Tom was introduced to one of our Portfolio Managers here at FB, and we showed him the process of setting up a company, including tax-efficient company structures, roles of Directors & Shareholders, PAYE, VAT & Corporation Tax, Tax saving, Profit Extraction and much more!

Tom now has:


  • A limited company

  • Digital Cloud Accounting

  • Fully Digital Accounting

  • Ongoing support from his Portfolio team

We're ACCA Certified.


The ACCA Qualification is the world leading accountancy qualification for aspiring financial professionals - providing accountants with the skills, knowledge and values to have successful careers and lead the organisations they work with into the future.

This means you know that you are receiving the highest level of service when working with our team.

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